A110 | Goldmuseum


Zelnik István Southeast Asian Goldmuseum

110. Andrássy út, Budapest, H-1062 Hungary

interior design, installation, lighting and landscape architecture


We created a venue that allowed us to present unique cultural material from various countries around the globe, the material and subjects used differed tremendously from the traditional Hungarian look and feel. Our aim was to design a venue in an authentic boulevard of Budapest showing the worldwide unique treasures, the works of art were the main focus and the building needed to give the framework. Puritan spaces of the museum serve their function modestly but in high quality, their gently detailed crafting perfectly matches to the handmade works of art. Planning in historic environment was a great challenge because the spaces and new functions are radically different from 130 year-old story of the building.


planning: 2009-2010 | construction: 2010-2011 | floor area: 1.500 sqm

photo: HOLLÓ, Hunor